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We Rise By Lifting Others

"This retreat has changed my recovery forever. Thank you!"  -  Jenn 

Women Rising Up, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose goal it is to educate, support, and encourage women in recovery. We meet annually to guide women in a unique and engaging journey through the 12 steps.  Each step is facilitated by women in long term recovery who share their experience strength and hope which offers a new approach to the step bringing a new perspective for growth.  It is imperative that we are able to branch out of our comfort zone and try something new.  Registrants learn to better meditate and develop a connection with their higher self or higher power. Much thought and attention is put into the programming of theWomen Rising Up Retreat.  Our ultimate goal is to provide a safe and fun place to expereince lasting memories, comrodary  and the  opportunity for spiritual growth.  Together we can change the course of history for women in recovery.

Join us in creating a deeper sense of unity with women in recovery by sharing your experience, strength and hope with the 12 steps.  This weekend we invite you to laugh, cry, think, share and love.  Our goal is to provide a safe and fun place to experience lasting  memories comradery and a unique opportunity for spiritual  growth.  Together we can change the course of history for women in recovery!  

October 8-10, 2021

Holy Cross Retreat House at Stonehill

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