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Help Raise Awareness & Funding for Recovery!


General Event Info

Q: What is the minimum amount that I need to raise to plunge?
A: Individual plungers need to raise at least $100. 

Q: Where/how do I turn in my money on plunge day?
A: Any money you have in-hand should be turned in at the registration area on plunge day. This includes cash, checks, and money orders. Credit card donations are also accepted at registration.

Q: How far do I have to go into the water?
A:  We do not have any depth requirements for the plunge. Instead, we leave it up to the comfort level of the individual participant. Some choose to go all the way under, while others go ankle-deep and then go home. They are all plungers in our book!

Q:  How old do you have to be to plunge?
A:  Anyone can participate! (under 18 requires parent or guardian signature.) 

Q: Is there someplace where I can change before and/or after the plunge?
A: No, you should plan ahead and have dry clothes in your vehicle. 

Q: What should I wear to the plunge? 
A: Pretty much whatever you want, within the following guidelines:

·       No wetsuits 

·       Wear shoes!– The beach is cold and you will be much more comfortable with wearing shoes.

·       Costumes are discouraged – they can be heavy when wet and make it difficult to balance. 

Q: What should expect when I arrive?
A: We aren’t sure yet.    


Q: Who should checks be made out to?
A: Check should be made out to Women Rising Up, Inc.

Q:  How can I make a donation without using my credit card online?
A:  You can write a check and send it to:

            Women Rising Up, Inc.

            P.O. Box 102

            Easton, MA  02356

Attn: Laurie Nunes

Participation INFORMATION

Q: Is there any charge to get into the event if I am just coming to cheer on a plunge participant?
A: No! Spectators are welcome to the event free of charge. 


Q: Is alcohol allowed at the plunge?
A: No.


Q: I was going to participate but now I can’t. Is there a way for me to cancel my registration?
A: If you simply want to let us know you are no longer attending, there is no need. We expect a certain percentage of no-shows each year and plan accordingly. If you paid the minimum $100 contribution to Women Rising Up, we appreciate the donation, as do the individuals we server who will benefit from the funds raised at the plunge. Because it is a charitable contribution, it is non-refundable even if you are unable to participate.

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